Welcome to Sunshine Studio
in Tinley Park



Welcome to SUNSHINE STUDIO, an oasis where you will be inspired to make a commitment to healthy living. Our intention is to encourage, enlighten and empower you on how to integrate harmony into your everyday life. We have yoga, Pilates Reformers, Facials with Dermalogica products, waxing services and alternative holistic services to serve you.

Yoga is a path to enlightenment that goes back 5,000 years in its native India. Yoga has become the hottest form of exercise. Modern medicine is finally seeing the benefits and confirming in medical studies. Everything from cancer, heart attacks, and depression has been studied, and yoga has been proven to help them all. "Yoga is more holistic, it's interested in the integration of body, breath, and mind."

We're looking for 200+ hour certified yoga & Pilates reformer teachers, massage therapists and alternative therapies. Please email us your resume at sunshineyoga.spa@gmail.com.

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